Personal Training

Work with one of our highly educated strength coaches to develop a program tailored specifically to your goals.

Group Personal Training

Group training is one way to enjoy training while bonding with friends or get that competitive spark you need to fire up your workouts.

Primal Strength

A well balanced and periodized program designed to increase strength, power, fat loss and work capacity. If you want Herculean strength this is the class for you.

What our clients say

Primal is in an incredible place to work out! The trainers are always supportive and love to motivate! Always there to help you make sure you are doing things safely and they care about health as well as muscle. The clients at Primal are like one big family! Everyone encourages each other daily and help make each workout that much more fun! Tammy Mitchell
AWESOME PLACE! I've never felt more comfortable working out than I do here. I love how the people at Primal become your family. Trainers are awesome and really focus on getting you fit without getting you hurt. It's not boring and there's always something new. I've been more motivated to work out because of the people here and atmosphere! Love it here:) Ashley Tran
Best gym I've ever gone to. Love the environment, trainers, and the people that go there! Mary Ortega
Most effective workouts with highly trained professionals. Only negative is that this place is addictive - once you start seeing results, you won't ever want to leave this place. Stacy Roberson
As a fitness professional myself, I tend to get bored with repetitious routines. Having been attending classes for about 8 weeks, I am very pleased/impressed with the knowledge of the staff and the intensity and diversity of the workouts. Fun group of clients and trainers. Alison Lang Cravey
Primal is just plain awesome. I have been a member of a few gyms in the past and spent hours upon hours in classes and on the treadmills and stair steppers. The hour that you spend at one of Primal's classes will work you harder than any aerobics class. I am currently participating in their 12 week program and have lost more body fat and inches than I ever have working out in a typical gym. If you are considering joining....just do it!!! Veronica Garza
Great place to workout, good environment, good intensity, and good knowledge set, all of the trainers there are great and good at pushing the clients and creating a fun environment of fitness and competition, it is worth the time and effort to workout there, never had a bad workout. Corey Grant
Super knowledgable trainers that push you yet correct your form so each rep counts. This place provides a great motivational support group with loyal clientele that help you reach your goals. The workouts are challenging enough for college athlete yet can be scaled to fit any fitness level. LOVE this place! Alicia Shaffer
This is am amazing place! David and his group gives you all the support you need, I would recommend this place to everyone! Marcela Ayala
An excellent place for building an excellence within. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and fun individuals looking to help you become a healthier & (sweatier) stronger you. Caroline McKay

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About Us

Primal is about innovation and diligence. We pride ourselves on staying as up to date as possible with research and education to ensure you’re success.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday — 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturdays by appointment only


Primal Personal Training .LLC.
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P: (281) 745-5326