Therapeutic Ketone Supplementation Keto/OS

Therapeutic Ketone Supplementation Keto/OS

Therapeutic Exogenous Ketones and the Benefits

Keto OS- A new product with a new approach to fitness and fat loss

How does it work?

There are a few things we need to understand or at least have some very basic knowledge of in order to fully comprehend how exogenous ketones work.

The krebs cycle-

In order to not dive to deep into science that can be googled and stick to the science behind the product, I will define the krebs cycle as the bodies process of converting macronutrients to ATP (adenosine-triphosphate) Without ATP, function in the body ceases to exist and the body dies. All movement and energy expenditure requires ATP. ATP is so important to our body that we have the ability to break down our own tissue as an emergency response to famine and  convert it to ATP.  This happens naturally when in a fasted state, and the bodies first resource to breakdown in this state is Carbohydrate. This process is generally short lived because the body can only store carbohydrates in a few key areas such as the liver and muscle tissue. Once this glycogen (carbohydrate store) is depleted, the body searches for another source of macronutrient to supply its need for ATP production. The most readily available source for this is fat as the average human has an overabundance of this source of energy. This is one of the reasons that intermittent fasting and fasted cardio work so well to reduce adipose tissue in the body. With a lack of carbohydrates the body immediately switches to breaking down its own tissue for energy. When these protocols are done properly a great amount of fat can be converted to energy and burned as fuel.

Using fats as energy and ketosis

When the body breaks down Fats for ATP production ketone bodies are released into the bloodstream as a byproduct of this type of energy recruitment. One of these ketone bodies is called BHB or Beta-hydroxy-buterate.  BHB is the key ingredient in this exogenous ketone product.

Why is this significant? Back to the Krebs cycle

There are two main pathways utilized to enter into the Krebs cycle. Or atleast these are the two ways we are going to discuss today.

  1. Glycolysis – The breakdown of carbohydrate to  ATP and the most active pathway in the average human today(as a result of diets far too high in processed and carb based foods)
  2. BHB- A more efficient pathway that enables the body to use fats as its main source of energy  and produce ATP in a more efficient manner.

It is important to note that the body exchanges ATP to produce more  ATP at a higher rate. I call this an energy tax. Since ATP plays a roll in nearly every energetic function of the body it is a pretty obvious conclusion that the conversion of macronutrients to ATP also costs ATP.

The exchange rate (energy tax) is much weaker in the glycolytic Pathway than the BHB pathway as the glycolytic pathway requires more steps and more ATP in converting Carbohydrates to ATP.

With a Stronger exchange rate more energy can be produced by using the BHB pathway.


When our bodies have free more flowing BHB in our system we don’t recognize the need for carbohydrates. Stimulated properly with a healthy diet, we will switch into a state in which we will rely on fats as our key source of energy production. This enables us to shed more body fat and have more sustained energy at the same time.

The second and equally important effect of this product is the elimination of carbohydrate cravings. Many people struggle with sugar addiction and use carbohydrates excessively to fuel this addiction. Statistics show that more people are addicted to sugar than anything else on the planet.

Overall any BHB supplementation can play an integral role in a well designed weight loss or strength training program.

Adding this supplement to a properly implemented paleo/ketogenic diet, or even while in a state of intermittent fasting can dramatically improve the results of the diet as well as provide you with the fortitude you require to stay away from those nasty high carb foods that you crave while in the initial stages of dieting.

I have added a couple of links for those of you who require more information.

This is Brandon Lilly of a world class strength and power athlete speaking about Pruvit Ketone OS and its benefits.

If you scroll down a bit in the website attached in the next link you will find a great graph of the difference between the BHB pathway and the glycolytic pathway and the interplay with the krebs cycle. Ive also attached the the graph to this post but this article written by Dr. Peter Attia (as well as all of his other articles) has a phenomenal amount of information.