About Us


Primal is about innovation and diligence. We pride ourselves on staying as up to date as possible with research and education to ensure your success.

We provide the knowledge and motivation to encourage and accelerate every member toward achieving their health and fitness goals through proper technique in a safe and friendly environment.

Primal is a state of the art strength and conditioning facility. All Primal coaches have a strong sense of dedication to our core values.

  • Pursue knowledge
  • Mastery of self
  • Adopt a humble attitude
  • Over deliver on promises
  • Transcend fear
  • Exude passion
  • Honor commitment
  • Inspire others
  • Act with purpose
  • Dream big

Primal is the only strength and conditioning facility to offer the use of state of the art equipment and services to all members whether in a class setting, personal training, or individual use of the facility itself. Get stronger, faster and healthier in Primal’s high energy, positive environment. Our coaches and staff are committed to making you the strongest, healthiest version of yourself.