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Therapeutic Ketone Supplementation Keto/OS

Therapeutic Exogenous Ketones and the Benefits

Keto OS- A new product with a new approach to fitness and fat loss

How does it work?

There are a few things we need to understand or at least have some very basic knowledge of in order to fully comprehend how exogenous ketones work.

The krebs cycle-

In order to not dive to deep into science that can be googled and stick to the science behind the product, I will define the krebs cycle as the bodies process of converting macronutrients to ATP (adenosine-triphosphate) Without ATP, function in the body ceases to exist and the body dies. All movement and energy expenditure requires ATP. ATP is so important to our body that we have the ability to break down our own tissue as an emergency response to famine and  convert it to ATP.  This happens naturally when in a fasted state, and the bodies first resource to breakdown in this state is Carbohydrate. This process is generally short lived because the body can only store carbohydrates in a few key areas such as the liver and muscle tissue. Once this glycogen (carbohydrate store) is depleted, the body searches for another source of macronutrient to supply its need for ATP production. The most readily available source for this is fat as the average human has an overabundance of this source of energy. This is one of the reasons that intermittent fasting and fasted cardio work so well to reduce adipose tissue in the body. With a lack of carbohydrates the body immediately switches to breaking down its own tissue for energy. When these protocols are done properly a great amount of fat can be converted to energy and burned as fuel.

Using fats as energy and ketosis

When the body breaks down Fats for ATP production ketone bodies are released into the bloodstream as a byproduct of this type of energy recruitment. One of these ketone bodies is called BHB or Beta-hydroxy-buterate.  BHB is the key ingredient in this exogenous ketone product.

Why is this significant? Back to the Krebs cycle

There are two main pathways utilized to enter into the Krebs cycle. Or atleast these are the two ways we are going to discuss today.

  1. Glycolysis – The breakdown of carbohydrate to  ATP and the most active pathway in the average human today(as a result of diets far too high in processed and carb based foods)
  2. BHB- A more efficient pathway that enables the body to use fats as its main source of energy  and produce ATP in a more efficient manner.

It is important to note that the body exchanges ATP to produce more  ATP at a higher rate. I call this an energy tax. Since ATP plays a roll in nearly every energetic function of the body it is a pretty obvious conclusion that the conversion of macronutrients to ATP also costs ATP.

The exchange rate (energy tax) is much weaker in the glycolytic Pathway than the BHB pathway as the glycolytic pathway requires more steps and more ATP in converting Carbohydrates to ATP.

With a Stronger exchange rate more energy can be produced by using the BHB pathway.


When our bodies have free more flowing BHB in our system we don’t recognize the need for carbohydrates. Stimulated properly with a healthy diet, we will switch into a state in which we will rely on fats as our key source of energy production. This enables us to shed more body fat and have more sustained energy at the same time.

The second and equally important effect of this product is the elimination of carbohydrate cravings. Many people struggle with sugar addiction and use carbohydrates excessively to fuel this addiction. Statistics show that more people are addicted to sugar than anything else on the planet.

Overall any BHB supplementation can play an integral role in a well designed weight loss or strength training program.

Adding this supplement to a properly implemented paleo/ketogenic diet, or even while in a state of intermittent fasting can dramatically improve the results of the diet as well as provide you with the fortitude you require to stay away from those nasty high carb foods that you crave while in the initial stages of dieting.

I have added a couple of links for those of you who require more information.

This is Brandon Lilly of a world class strength and power athlete speaking about Pruvit Ketone OS and its benefits.


If you scroll down a bit in the website attached in the next link you will find a great graph of the difference between the BHB pathway and the glycolytic pathway and the interplay with the krebs cycle. Ive also attached the the graph to this post but this article written by Dr. Peter Attia (as well as all of his other articles) has a phenomenal amount of information.


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How to live a perfect day for unlimited energy!

I don’t get these days very often, but I try to get as close to this as possible as often as I can. One day…one day 🙂

I’m a huge fan of letting my body wake me up. I don’t like clocks because they stress me out and make me feel like I’m trapped in a cage… but not a regular cage. It’s more like a prison cell where the bars are made of those luminous red numbers on a digital alarm clock. With every second that counts down the laser like bars keep inching closer and closer to me, constricting my airways and strangulating my movement. Yeah…I pretty much hate clocks. I think that’s called Chronometrophobia (thanks Outkast).


Anyway I like to let my body awaken naturally. It feels right and I don’t plan on changing it. It also makes sense from a biological standpoint. I’m well aware that our bodies are in tune to a series of biological rhythms. One of which is our circadian rhythm, which has a lot to do with our sleep/wake cycle. If your body is tuned in properly you shouldn’t have an issue waking up at a decent time in the morning because your cortisol should elevate to a point that it gradually pulls you out of a sleeping state. Its way more comfortable than being wrenched form a peaceful deep delta stage of sleep by a bright red POS clock yelling perceived obscenities at me.

I hate clocks…

Upon waking I drink at least 160z of water to start my body’s natural filtration process. Then I’ll take a super cold shower – as cold as I can make it. This pretty much sucks for the first 2 minutes but by the time I jump out of the shower I’m extremely energized and any amount of sleepiness that was still trolling around has been chased away. I attribute this to being in a primarily Yang/sympathetic state. Just like anything else that you want to grow and prosper, your body needs a constant measured variance of exposure to different elements such as temperature. Anytime the atmosphere that you are in changes, your body adapts to that change by producing enzymes and hormones to make you more alert and responsive. When your body becomes alert it realizes certain deficiencies or proficiencies and takes steps to correct them. It’s similar to taking an ice-bath after a hard workout to fight cortisol production and inflammation, but instead you are fighting the cortisol levels that rise in the morning to wake you up.

To be honest the science goes a bit deeper than that but it’s really not that important. Just try it and thank me later.


Some people are going to call me crazy but I always do fasted exercise…even a little cardio. After I get out of the shower I take Roca and Django to the park and let them run around and be puppies while I practice Tai Chi and Qigong. I do my dynamic meditation in the morning and I always do it on an empty stomach. Once again this decreases my cortisol levels and allows me to settle my mind and my breathing for the day.  Because I work in what I would call a servants position in an extremely social environment, it’s important that I can remain empathetic to any of my clients’ and friends’ issues. Practicing proper breathing helps me to remain unattached to any particular prejudice; while at the same time allows me to feel what my clients are feeling on an emotional level. In other words it gives me the ability to listen and not judge.


Qigong also allows me to increase my energy for the day by getting my blood flowing and the movements of Tai Chi allow me to warm up my joints while lowering my blood pressure and increasing levels of synovial fluid.


After that I go for a run. This is where the fasted cardio comes in. While some people think fasted cardio is the devil, I take a slightly different approach. There aren’t many better ways to decrease cortisol production than getting a little bit of cardiovascular activity immediately following breathing exercises. As primitive humans we generally had to chase our food down. We didn’t get to just walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. This insinuates that exercise should be done prior to meal consumption; even in the morning. After a good hunt/workout our bodies are primed with anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone as opposed to the catabolic hormone cortisol. This creates a perfect biological environment for eating, especially if you want to gain muscle and lose fat!


Those of you that know me know that I don’t eat sugar of any kind… well that’s an exaggeration. I eat berries and green apples and pineapples, simply because the micronutrient and enzymatic content of those foods outweigh the sugar content. So most mornings I’ll eat a high quality source of protein like chicken or bison and a high quality source of fats like almonds or avocado. I’ll usually throw some vegetables in there, not just because they are good for me but because they keep my poo poo healthy! And that’s very important!


A quality lesson in life is Happy Poo = Happy You

Make sure that Poop isn't breaking the law!!

Make sure that Poop isn’t breaking the law!!




I eat these type of foods for a couple reasons. One because the proteins and fats help the body to produce Acytel-Choline which is a neurotransmitter that plays a key part in proprioception (physical awareness and response) as well as muscular contraction and mental focus. I’ve noticed that when I consume a high level of carbohydrates it tends to slow down all of the above reactions in my body. I sometimes even experience small allergic reactions such as stuffy ears or nose, clogged airways, itchy eyes and nose. Another reason to eat proteins and fats in the morning is to increase your metabolic rate. Proteins and fats are generally pretty hard to find without carbohydrates in any processed foods. Which is why I eat unprocessed foods that will be easily masticated and digested by my body and help me to fuel my body with ketones as energy, instead of sugars.


Through the day I will eat as my body demands: When I’m tired I eat. When I’m grumpy I eat. When I’m stressed I meditate…then I eat. I feel that food should always govern our energy as opposed to stress and social stimulation. I no longer consume caffeinated beverages because I don’t need them for energy, I just eat meat instead!


Before I lift weights I will eat my first carbohydrate based meal of the day. This allows for a spike in my insulin levels that will increase blood flow and energy for the short term. Generally, this meal consists of something seemingly bland like brown rice or steal cut oats. Because of my lack of carbohydrates throughout the day, it doesn’t take long for my body to suck up the energy provided by the carbs and utilize it for glycogen in my workouts.

I treat my workouts like everything else in life. I work logically and efficiently. I warm up by practicing movements that get my body “flowing”. I also do movements that warm up my spine. I look at the spine and central nervous system of the body as the bodies CPU and i have to let it boot up before I engage in any strenuous physical activity. Once I feel energized, I do a little body weight power production like jump ropes or box jumps to get my nervous system charged up and ready to roll. Then I hit a power exercise such as cleans or snatches. Once I feel as though my power is depleting, (which usually comes around 10 total reps) I switch to a strength movement like preacher squats or deadlift. After that I hit Primal movement patters progressed or regressed for my current state, (lunge, Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, rotation) I usually will perform these movements for low reps (3-6) and medium to heavy weights in a circuit. I rest until my heart rate slows down to a level that I can perform in between each set; I usually perform 2 or 3 circuited sets. After that I’ll do abdominal work followed by yoga and spinal mobility, myofascial stretching and call it a day.

I always consume a post workout meal with about half as many carbohydrates as my pre workout meal. Many people would disagree and say that you should probably eat more carbs after the workout to increase insulin levels but the fact of the matter is it doesn’t take many carbs to increase the insulin levels of someone who doesn’t eat sugar. As a result I don’t really gain any fatty tissue and I continue to keep the benefits of a high protein and fat diet. (Energy, fat loss, and of course fabulous hair nails and skin) …;)


After work I consume my final meal which is always a ton of veggies, meat, fats and bone broth. Followed by as much water as I can stomach. Then I’ll play with my puppies, take a hot shower to calm my body and mind, perform one final mediation to relieve myself of any of the day’s stress that might still be lingering, read a few chapters of whatever book I’m studying, and go to sleep.


It may seem pretty complicated to some but in actuality it’s a quite simple and stress free life. It’s the only way I could possibly run a successful business, deal with people, fix people, and handle all of the other extrinsic stressors that come with being a human; all the while still maintaining my happiness.


Really though!

I live by four doctors.

I eat properly (Doctor Diet)

I sleep properly (Doctor Quiet)

I mediate (Doctor Happiness)

I move properly (Doctor Movement)



With these strategies I am able to be in love with my life and everyone I meet.


Anyway that’s all for today. Take what you find useful, discard what you find not so, add and express what works for you.


As Corey Grant says

Peace, Love, and Fish Grease


David Gentile

A positive force in the universe

Primal Fitness Opening Day | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Primal Fitness ©

My father taught me about hard work. My mother taught me about love. My granddaddy taught me how to the serve others.
But my buddy Jonathan Francis (Johny Blossom to some) taught me about the power of positive thinking. Whenever I’m exhibiting negative thoughts he always reminds me to “Get rid of that stinkin thinkin”.

He says it in jest but the joke actually carries a huge lesson.

Every one of us have pivotal moments in our lives where we come to an impasse or a problem that the outcome of which could alter our entire existence. Moments that define the rest of our lives. We don’t always see these moments for what they are. Often we pass them by and even in retrospect we overlook them.

The reason they are so easily overlooked is because they are the everyday decisions that we make. Every single choice we make has an effect on the rest of our lives. With that in mind, there just ain’t no time for “stinkin thinkin”.

On any given day I could be outmatched, outgunned, and outnumbered. But I am never truly defeated until I acknowledge that I am beat.

Robert E Lee, commander of the confederate army of Virginia, was said to have been indefatigable by both his comrades and his adversaries. Meaning that he could not be defeated because he refused to accept the possibility that he could be fatigued to the point of defeat. There are few greater examples of the power of positive thinking.


When things are going wrong and problems are arising we have two options. We can focus on the positive, or the negative. People often say that they learned a lesson from a negative experience; so therefore, it was worth the experience. However if the lesson could be efficiently learned without going through the pain of the negative experience how much more value would that hold?
I’m a pretty avid chess player and I don’t lose very often. The reason I bring up chess is because in order to win at chess you have to always be looking for the next move that will put you in an advantageous position for the following exchange. It’s impossible to win at chess while in a negative mindset because you will miss all of the positive opportunities that present themselves across the board. The same can be said in life!

Every interaction or exchange in life teaches us a lesson. But the lesson it teaches us depends upon our personal outlook. We can either learn how not to achieve the desired outcome (negative), or we can learn how to achieve the desired outcome (positive).

Another great thing about chess is that a weak position on the board can quickly be changed into a position of strength if we are actively searching for the path to a stronger position. Once again so it is in life.

I’ve found that the hardest part about remaining positive in a situation that we perceive to be negative is the fact that we have to be able to observe the negative with a level head while still remaining positive.

Here’s an example that most people can relate to. A scenario that I have seen send numerous people over the edge! I will use a technique taught to me by Brendan Fox, a sports psychologist for the Canadian Olympic curling team.

I didn’t have any healthy food available so I cheated on my diet… (shit!)

What is good about this situation?
What can I learn from this situation?
How can I make this situation better?

What is good?
Well the good is that I was on a diet to begin with so clearly I am on the right path. Also the fact that I called it cheating means that I was at least following it to the point that I felt guilty about cheating. Another good thing is that I have the opportunity to continue on my diet later today and tomorrow. Also I’m intelligent enough to realize what is healthy and what is not as proven by my identification of what cheating involves.

What can I learn?
I can take this opportunity to observe and learn how the cheat food makes me feel compared to when I eat healthy and by doing so drive home the point that it’s not worth it to cheat on my diet. I can also learn how I got stuck in this situation with no healthy food available so that I may take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

How can I make this situation better?
I can continue my diet after this cheat meal as if I never had a cheat meal; and not fall off the deep end and binge on unhealthy food. I can take steps to prepare my healthy food for the next time. I can organize my day around my meals as to ensure my success on my diet.

There we go! I have officially learned 9 positively influenced lessons from one cheat meal. Just because I refused to look at this mishap from a negative point of view!

While the technique may be simple, it is effective. Using it constantly will allow you to start being in a positive mindset for longer periods of time and eventually the entire day. Think of all the lessons you could learn if you looked at every mishap and mistake from this point of view.

Now for those of you who want to get really deep with it and really make some big positive changes in your life, apply this technique everyday once a day to an issue from the past that effected your life in a negative way. You will be very surprised to see how much positivity you can gain from exploring some of the things that hurt you in the past from this new positive point of view 🙂

We should always project positivity towards others. Positivity is powerful, beyond measure, and it’s a force for good that can change lives for the better.

And remember if you cannot change a situation, there is no point in worrying about it. Stay positive, learn from it, and move forward. If you can change the situation, there no need to worry about it, stay positive learn from it, and move forward. 🙂

Thus we become a positive force in the universe.


An Introduction to Myself and My Thoughts

I suppose that a great way to start my blog is with an introduction of who I am, and why I am the way that I am. Most coaching blogs out there are filled with strength tips or write ups on the newest trend in fitness. While I’m sure I’ll put lots of tips for athletes and things of that nature on here, I would assume that most people who read my blog have read a few of my articles, so I want to go ahead and make something clear: My articles are written from a scientific standpoint and I have a tendency to tone down my personality and sometimes eccentric ways of expression. But this is my personal blog. It’s not just a blog about strength or a write up on posture or ground force reaction; although if I feel like it I may eventually cover this subjects. I’m using this blog to be the expression of my thoughts in their rawest form. If I was to present myself otherwise I wouldn’t be doing myself or my readers justice. So this is me. I am David Gentile. I’m human; I say and do things that may offend and I apologize for any offense that may be taken ahead of time. My goal in life is to love the world with all of my being and to help those that are having a hard time finding love for themselves, or for others, or for life in general. I don’t claim to know everything. In fact, I’m unsure of almost everything, but I have had many hard lessons in life and I feel that if one person is effected positively by reading my posts then all of the hours posting blogs will be well worth the effort.


Until recently I haven’t had the courage to tell many people my story, and the select few people who do know about my past hold a very special place in my heart. I have found that the key to healing is expression. True expression can be found in so many forms. For some its art, or dance, or song. For me its movement and writing. I don’t look at movement and physical prowess as a number or a total score. I feel that movement has a much deeper meaning. Movement is an expression of the mind, body, and soul in harmony. I’ve learned so many things about myself through movement, (probably why I’ve dedicated my life to being a student of it).


All things that are living move; as a rolling stone gathers no moss, so it is with our body and mind. Water that sits in a pool unmoving becomes stale. Children confined to a desk become inattentive, humans confined to a box cease to be forward thinking or creative. In order to express ourselves at our highest potential we must move! I could probably drone on for hours about the interactions of the body, mind, and spirit, but that is for another post.


Today I am going to vomit my early life experiences upon you. But I feel the previous paragraph is a necessary step to understand the evolution of who I am today.


It all begins with movement. I was the little shit head in class. I was the kid who could never sit still on the carpet during teacher reading hour and the kid who would jump up on top of the desk and challenge my teacher to a duel with the classroom yardstick. As you can probably imagine, this type of behavior was not conducive to productivity in the class room and it earned me a horrible reputation as the “bad” kid. I had countless other children tell me that their mom would not let them play with me because they didn’t want their child to act like me. To be honest this happened all the way up through high school. I specifically remember waking up at a friend’s house after an unplanned sleep over hearing my best friend’s mother lecturing him in the other room about how she couldn’t believe that he was choosing to hang out with “lowlife like myself” and that if he continued down that path he would end up being worthless….just like me.

Kettle Balance

At this point I’d like to take break to let everyone know that this is not a sob story, I don’t want or need sympathy from anyone although I do appreciate your empathy. Empathy is one of the keys to happiness in my opinion; but once again a topic of for another day.


When I was 8 years old my teacher wrote a letter to my parents saying that I was inattentive in class and prone to outbursts. As I look back now I say to myself no shit; if you lock an 8 year old in a class room and make him sit in a desk all day with only 30 minutes of recess in which he is forced to sit on the wall it’s impossible to thrive. All the while other kids were encouraged to play and exert energy, but not David because he had too much energy in class. That’s a very interesting way of solving the issue Mrs. Teacher lady.


Anyway, at this time there was no high speed internet. There was no google. No PubMed. So my parents did what every other parent who cared for shier child would do: They took me to see a doctor. This doctor happened to be a child psychologist because clearly there was something wrong with my psyche since I didn’t fit into the nice little box that every other “normal” kid fit into. The doctor sat me and my parents down in an uncomfortably small room that smelled like bleach, outfitted with a couple of itchy couches, and proceeded to tell my parents that I had a couple of different disorders that could be solved with drugs. To make a long story extremely short over, the next few years I was a guniea pig for any new drug that came out on the market for everything from ADHD to Depression to Manic and bipolar disorders. I was given mood enhancers, mood stabilizers, and even some drugs to battle Tourette’s, (which was a symptom of all the amphetamines being pumped into my body to counter my hyperactivity and inattentiveness; another genius idea). Once again I find myself looking back and wondering how they came to such a skewed conclusion.


Let’s break it down:

8 year old with and abundance of energy?

Clearly we should take away recess.


Can’t sit still in class because of overstimulation and no energy outlet?

Let’s prescribe some amphetamines to enhance focus.


Amphetamines instead cause higher energy and Tourette’s?

Well, we had better battle the symptom instead of the clearly defined cause. So let’s administer some downers to decrease the amount energy and physical ticks these amphetamines are causing!


Oh no! The kid’s life seems to be falling apart and he is constantly acting out in class with random burst of hyperactivity in the morning and lunch time, (both times at which I would take my medication for ADD) and now can’t think or function properly, is exhibiting poor memory and sluggishness and is falling asleep in class before lunch and toward the end of the day. (When the ADD drug ware off)


I think it’s time to give the child mood stabilizers….because the mood I’m currently is awesome right? Let’s keep him stable right there.


Oh that didn’t work

Let’s give this now nonfunctioning, depressed kid who can’t sleep at night because of amphetamines medicine for bipolar disorder because he is now exhibiting seemingly random acts of outbursts followed by extreme bouts of depression


Oh he’s still not acting right? Let’s yell at him and make him feel worthless and take him to a counselor.

OH he fights back?

Let’s up the dosage on the mood stabilizers.

And by the way let’s throw some Haldol in there to increase his mood…


Well nothing we can do. So let’s put him in special education because clearly he’s not smart enough to be in school, even though he tested at GT levels


I could probably continue with this genius formula for successfully raising a child but honestly I think you get the point by now


That my friends is a fantastic formula for taking a normal child who just wants to play outside like the other kids and express himself and turn him into a zombie who takes meds before during and after school.



Let me offer a counter solution simple solution compared to the thousands of dollars my parent had to pay to you Mr. Doctor sir.


Kid with high energy


  • Let him play off his energy with extra recess
  • Make only healthy food available that will properly stimulate him
  • Engage him in the classroom instead of expecting him to learn in silence while the teacher drones on about things that will never interest anyone and ultimately don’t matter
  • Let him express his own opinions and creativity…that’s a novel idea
  • Let him walk around barefoot and wiggle his toes in the grass instead of lacing up his shoes so tight that he can barely feel his feet (feet provide valuable proprioceptive information to the entire nervous system)
  • Don’t load him down with so much homework that he doesn’t have time for physical activity that would allow him to be tired at bed time
  • Let him enjoy his life instead of trying to trap him into some twisted idea of what you think his life should be
  • Let him use the toilet when he says he has to. Instead of suspecting he just wants to go out for a walk in the hallway at school. (If I have to fake taking a dump just to stretch my legs clearly there is an issue in the classroom)
  • Let him teak breaks from the stimulus around him so that he can focus when focus is needed.

David bucket kid

All of the sudden you have a child who has limitless energy and just wants to harness it. A child that looks at life as an adventure rather than a guided tour where he can’t touch or experience anything life has to offer. A child who is intrigued instead of bored, a child who can have experiences and then ponder these experiences in his own head and come up with his own answers. A child who can start the life long process of finding who he is and why he is.


Let the damn kid move around. If it’s the only damn thing he’s good at then let him explore it. When he’s tired of moving try stimulating his mind from the information you have gathered from him. He likes to run, he likes to jump, he like to play (but not with girls…yuck). Engage him in a way that may require you to actually put a small amount of effort in, so that he CAN learn

Kid hanging

The point behind this post is that we are all individuals meant to bring something to this beautiful world and stumping someone’s creativity is in my mind, a form of murder. People literally live to express. In fact, I would go a step further and say that people themselves are expressions. Just as an artist paints a picture, we each paint our own pictures in life through the experiences we have. We are all artist in our own way. And if you take that away from someone it should be a punishable crime. The worst thing you can do to someone is make their decisions for them. If they are like me, they will rebel and become ostracized and if they don’t rebel they become livestock, just chewing the cud and following the heard. The heard grows up eating the same cud, moving at the same rate and ultimately living a non-fulfilling life because they never got to make any really meaningful decisions on their own.


By 8th grade I was known around school as the crazy kid with the temper problem. I would literally sleep through every class (not by choice) come home and stare at the ceiling of hours. Then I would get yelled at by my parents for being lazy and stupid and told I was going to live in a garbage can when I got older. Honestly none of that hurt my feeling because I didn’t care. I had lost all of my will. All of my energy. I was exactly what the doctor had programmed me to be. I sat still in class but now got referrals because I sat too still and didn’t participate just slept. I still didn’t do well in school because if I wasn’t sleeping in a mindless state of nothingness, I was one hundred percent numb to my surroundings and nothing anyone could do or say had any impact on me. Most days I would go home and cry and think about how much easier life would be if I wasn’t around. Usually after days like that one, I’d be so elated to actually have experienced a feeling that I’d do anything in my power to continue it. So I’d go to school and wait for someone to poke fun at me for being odd or for having a Tourette’s outburst and then I’d punch that someone in the face, (felt great)! I made an impact; just not a positive one. In the end, I got kicked out of multiple schools and sent to multiple reassignment programs until finally, after my second expulsion my parents withdrew me from school all together, put me in a home school program and told me to get a job. I was 15.


Getting kicked out of school and having perceivably no future turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I stopped taking my medications and after a few weeks my consciousness started coming back, I started taking interest in things again. I began reading things I wanted to learn about, going on walks during the day, studying martial arts and hitting the gym for hours at a time. It was as if all this interest in life that had been dormant for years came back in full force all at once. I still had issues, emotionally I was pretty crippled, I still had this underlying hatred for people in general and a sense of unworthiness that felt as if it had been branded into my soul.


But as my interests continued to grow I found myself reading about nutrition, psychology and motivation. I might not have had the capacity to apply everything but what I could apply I did. I took an extreme interest in health, mostly physical but also emotional and spiritual. I found that the more I exerted myself in an attempt to be healthy the more overall energy I would accumulate to exert the next day.


I’ll conclude my first blog post here. I may continue on this subject in a week or two. There are so many things to discuss and think about that I don’t want to get caught up on one issue that to me is already solved. Keep in mind that this story does have a happy ending.