Hands down the best place to work out if you want to get strong, fit, and healthy. ALL the trainers are awesome, and the group workouts are a blast. I’ve been coming here for almost 3 1/2 years now and I am still not bored or tired of it. I don’t know where I would be without my Primal. 🙂

Melissa Nordstrom

Primal is THE place to go if you want to get in shape and have FUN (in a twisted sort of way;) doing it!! What I mean by that is there are a lot of laughs in amongst the moans and groans of a tough workout because of the casual, yet serious atmosphere. The trainers care about you and truly motivate you to give your all and be your best. They are there to help you and to help you do it right. You don’t just get a good workout while you are there, you learn about your body, nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Things that stick with you for the rest of your life! It is a life changing experience!!

Shannon Regier

I love my new workout gym! Primal is amazing, I feel like the trainers actually care about your goals,health, and your form. I’ve only been going here for a month and I’m already seeing amazing results!

Heather Ann Bucharsk

The environment at Primal is unlike any fitness facility I’ve been to. When I walk in this place, I know I am going to be pushed to challenge and improve myself. The trainers are motivating and VERY educated in what their doing. I’m constantly learning new things and correcting my form on what I thought I already knew lol. Looooove Primal!!

Christine Zelenka

David Gentile has always been there for me even before he became a kick ass Owner of Primal! I will support this gym and himself through everything and continue to better myself along with his expertise! Thanks for all your help man and will be seeing you in the gym soon!!

Travis Hearn

Effective programming and knowledgeable coaches who are really intent on helping you get better. Really great environment. I would recommend Primal to anyone of any level fitness.

Joi Morse

I have only been working out at Primal for about a month now but I absolutely love it! The trainers are awesome and they make sure that you are learning the correct form and technique so that you do not injure yourself. They are very encouraging and seem to genuinely care about you and your health and fitness goals. Out of all the gyms, trainers, and boot camps that I’ve attended, Primal is my favorite.

Miranda Newman

This is a great gym.. David is a great trainer very helpful and very knowledgeable.. Boot camps are tough but a great workout for sure.. Glad I found this place.

Sue Campion Hanley

The trainers are so knowledgable and encouraging its motivating. I love how they motivate and push you to go beyond your expectations in a safe environment while making sure you will not hurt yourself. In just 4 short weeks I already feel stronger and my clothes are fitting better! I encourage anyone thinking of joining to at least come workout with us and give it a try. You will surprise yourself how you start to crave the workouts at Primal!

Chanel Newton Raesis

I love coming here. The days I don’t go are miserable, who knew I’d get hooked like this? And bettering my health is the best part. So happy with my lifestyle choice and with Primal and the team. Love.

Katie KeepitClassy

An excellent place for building an excellence within. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and fun individuals looking to help you become a healthier & (sweatier) stronger you. ^.^

Caroline McKay

All of the trainers at Primal are awesome but I’d like to do a special shout out to Shellie! Thanks for continually challenging me past my limits, I cannot tell you how much your guidance has helped me. If you want to be stronger than you ever thought possible, definitely try Primal!

Lesley Smith

Primal is one of the best places to train hands down. Just from my first session, it’s very evident that David and his team are very knowledgeable, passionate and keen on helping others through corrective exercise. They take fitness to another level that I haven’t seen before. They really care about each individual’s goals as well. Besides being surrounded by a great atmosphere, there’s no judgement because David will find EVERYBODYS weakness that they need to work on and correct.

Sam Ryan

David and Andrew are outstanding trainers. I have been going for 2 months now and already see big improvements in my core strength and flexibility. Plus, it is tremendous fun even though it is challenging. 🙂 If you are looking for a place that is sincerely interested in helping you become stronger, more flexible and reaching a fitness level that you have only dreamed about…this is the place. They make you feel welcome no matter what level you are at. The boot camps are fun and challenging and customized for each person’s fitness level. I could not be happier with this place, the trainers and the progress I am making. If you are looking for a place but have been holding back for whatever reasons, don’t hold back any longer. You will be so glad you joined Primal!

Lorri Jefferson

Can’t say enough about this group! All the trainers are wonderful…knowledgeable and sincerely interested in your personal progress and overall fitness. The teaching of proper form and constant attention during workouts creates an environment for success without injury. David’s stretching classes are unlike any stretching I have ever done and so very effective in correcting posture and form from years of bad habits! Workouts at Primal are fun, challenging and great not only for the younger age groups but also for us 50 somethings! So glad I found this group…thank you trainers David, Andrew and Shellie!

Bobbie Marriott Bennett

This is the best place to work out and learn why its so important to stay fit. The trainers here are fantastic and the people are amazing.

Leah Wolfe Schlagel

Super knowledgable trainers that push you yet correct your form so each rep counts. This place provides a great motivational support group with loyal clientele that help you reach your goals. The workouts are challenging enough for college athlete yet can be scaled to fit any fitness level. LOVE this place!

Alicia Shaffer

Great place to workout, good environment, good intensity, and good knowledge set, all of the trainers there are great and good at pushing the clients and creating a fun environment of fitness and competition, it is worth the time and effort to workout there, never had a bad workout.

Corey Grant

Primal is just plain awesome. I have been a member of a few gyms in the past and spent hours upon hours in classes and on the treadmills and stair steppers. The hour that you spend at one of Primal’s classes will work you harder than any aerobics class. I am currently participating in their 12 week program and have lost more body fat and inches than I ever have working out in a typical gym. If you are considering joining….just do it!!! Oh and David and Andrew are pretty awesome too.

Veronica Garza

As a fitness professional myself, I tend to get bored with repetitious routines. Having been attending classes for about 8 weeks, I am very pleased/impressed with the knowledge of the staff and the intensity and diversity of the workouts. Fun group of clients and trainers.

Alison Lang Cravey

Primal is in an incredible place to work out! The trainers are always supportive and love to motivate! Always there to help you make sure you are doing things safely and they care about health as well as muscle. The clients at Primal are like one big family! Everyone encourages each other daily and help make each workout that much more fun!

Tammy Mitchell

AWESOME PLACE! I’ve never felt more comfortable working out than I do here. I love how the people at Primal become your family. Trainers are awesome and really focus on getting you fit without getting you hurt. It’s not boring and there’s always something new. I’ve been more motivated to work out because of the people here and atmosphere! Love it here.

Ashley Tran

Most effective workouts with highly trained professionals. Only negative is that this place is addictive – once you start seeing results, you won’t ever want to leave this place.

Stacy Roberson