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Primal 101

Perfect for both advanced athletes and beginners, Primal 101 focuses on developing and correcting movement patterns. All humans develop the same way: from the embryonic stage to crawling, then walking upright. Over time, our posture and movement are altered through repetitive actions and sedentary routines. This can result in weakness, pain, postural and structural imbalance, improper movement and many times, illness and fatigue.

Primal 101 will teach both newbies and seasoned athletes to get back to the basics of movement and improve performance. It is highly recommended that everyone attends the 4-week session at least once before moving to our more advanced classes. Athletes who are already involved in our advanced classes should seriously consider participating in this class at least once a year to de-load and reprogram their bodies.

“Our goal as functional human beings shouldn’t just be strength and power, but the ability to move freely and correctly without pain and other issues that keep us from performing at our highest potential.” – David Gentile

Our lead trainer, David Gentile, will be coaching the OnRamp program. He has rehabilitated many clients to the point where they are stronger than they were before their injuries. He will personally guide Primal 101 participants to ensure the movements and techniques are learned correctly.

Our four week OnRamp program covers:

  • Breathing patterns
  • Core function
  • Infant development patterns (harder than you think)
  • Primal movement patterns (Squat, Hinge, Lung, Push, Pull, Rotation)
  • Prime 6 Kettle Bell movements (Swing, Clean, Squat, Snatch, Press, Turkish Get Up)
  • Basic barbell techniques
  • Introduction to Olympic lifting
  • Proper warm up and cool down

Don’t be fooled by the title of this class. Primal 101 will push you to burn fat, build muscle and boost confidence in your personal fitness regardless of your current physical level.


Primal 101


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