Corey Grant

Corey Grant

Corey Grant has been into Personal Training for over 9 years, and been involved in fitness and weightlifting for nearly 20 years. In his main profession he also serves his community as a firefighter. He knows and values health and fitness not only as a way of life, but as a means to help save other’s lives as well.

When he was younger Corey was an avid athlete lettering in High School football as well as 4 years of College football at Trinity University all while attaining a Business degree. He discovered his true love of fitness shortly after graduating college, and turned in his suit and tie job for gym shorts, dirty floors and barbells. He has pursued this passion ever since and it is evident in the enthusiasm he has in his approach to his work and to his clients.

Corey has a unique blend of new school scientific knowledge as well as old school time under the bar training and motivation. He can align your body and joints to activate muscles then turn around and give you the “kick in the rear” motivation. His training tactics and styles are not always for the faint of heart, but he will push your body to limits you never thought possible and have you asking for more. Corey has trained all walks of clients from those who have walked across bodybuilding stages to high school and college athletes, to double knee replacement 60 year old clients. While he can do it all his specialty is athletic performance and body recomposition. So if you’re looking to perform better or change the way you look, and how you feel about yourself he is the trainer for you.


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